PAYGO 1250


Top-up 1250 Units
1250 Visits / about 250 Leads



Monitor up to 1250 Visitors. On average, this corresponds to up to 250 identified leads.
Purchase units as you need them. Larger packages offer cheaper units.


  • Track repeat visitors
  • Identify Company and Education visits
  • View Company information (location)
  • Analyse visitor session journey
  • Monitor relevant visitors
  • Real time lead scoring
  • View a live map of visitor locations
  • GDPR Compliant (no personal information captured)
  • Historic data retained for up to 18 months
  • Daily, weekly or monthly reports can be scheduled
  • Units do not expire (maximum accrue is 100K units)

Additional information



GDPR Compliance

We do not capture any data that is linked to an identifiable person.
The intention of the processing is to identify known organisations where possible.
No attempt is made to obtain information that relates to the individual visiting the site.
IP data is used only to identify organisations and is not linked back to an individual.
IP data is fluid and is refreshed continually. Visit records are held for a limited period.
The information provided in reports does not identify any personal information.